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QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2021

New things brings changes and possibilities of growth, right? This goes for every field and thing and so does for QuickBooks. Intuit releases the latest versions of the software from time to time in fact every once in a year. And here we are with the latest version of QuickBooks i.e. QuickBooks 2021. New & improved QuickBooks 2021 can be seen in every sub-version of QB desktop that are QB pro, QB premier, QB enterprise. However, this blog post centered on ‘QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2021’. We were going to have a brief discussion over the software and its enhanced or new features. 

QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2021- an accounting boon

Quickbooks Pro is one of the prominent versions of QB desktop and with the latest release it becomes a blessing for small and medium-sized businesses in this technically advanced world. Now, we will throw a light on our prior statement by elaborating on its features. 

An overview of the latest features of the software

QuickBooks 2021 comes with automation, most of the features comprises automatic aspect that help users to save some sweat and time. Those features are 

Improvised bank feeds 

With the latest bank feed, you can easily and efficiently categorize bank transactions. Also, get quick review, batch editing with well-versed rules to avoid complications. 

Automated receipt management 

Capture receipt data through mobile device and easily import and review in the software. Also, sort out expenses and records for a number of transactions at the same time.

Send statements automatically 

Isn’t it tiring to send statements to the customer for reminding about open balance? Not anymore with this latest feature you can effortlessly schedule the statements prior and send them to the customers without any hassle. 

Easily create customer groups 

Everyone knows categorizing data helps to avoid fault and by creating customer groups you can prevent lots of complications and save up your efforts. You can create groups on rule-based like type, status, location, balance, etc.  

Customize payment receipt 

Customization of payments receipt can help you in many ways than you can think of, like formatting, adding logo, template. All that can assist you in being professional among your customers.

Final words

These are the popular & new features of ‘QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2021’ if you want a better insight into the software then feel free to connect with our team at QuickBooks desktop support phone number 855-526-0297 Ring us anytime as we are available 24/7 to assist users like you!!